About Us

I'm so excited to be able to introduce you all to my dream of 13 years!

" Vivian the Store "

It started in 2008 with my first store in Adelaide, it was a small boutique divided into clothing, beauty (me) and hair. Everything a woman could want in one store and it was absolutely fabulous!  At the 2 year mark, I made the hard decision to part ways, sell my share of the business and spend my time raising my young family while building a successful beauty business from home and welcoming our third child.
Holidays in the Sunny Coast was our absolute favourite and after our visit in 2016 I knew I wanted to make the move to the Sunshine coast. Fast forward to 2022, House and Business sold, I knew this time for us was about chasing our dreams, and if we could pack it all up and move across country I knew I had to follow my heart all the way.
My love for fashion and styling has always been an passion of mine and I've always wanted to create a brand that reflects my personality.
Vivian the Store was born 25th August 2022 showcasing all the elements of fashion forward, timeless basics, smart elegance and modern chic styling. What can I say, my Style of clothes is like my taste in music, broad haha.
I want to thank you all for supporting my dream and encourage you to always follow yours.
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Big Love